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Thursday, October 18, 2007

This isn't satire

I haven't been paying much attention to the S-Chip expansion controversy. Firstly because the wife and I have no children, secondly the reactions politically are to be expected. On honest truth, this is a losing issue for the GOP. The Democrats will use the Presidential veto to hammer GOP candidates in 2008. As is, the GOP is looking at a rough time in that election. Don't let these people fool you.

TFM doesn't advocate national healthcare, but he's also a political realist, who knows such a plan getting through Congress(remember that little thing called a fillibuster in the Senate) is not likely to happen. Republicans, and their conservative blogger allies are really usually scare tactics.

Ed at Captain's Quarters is live blogging the Congressional debate(Is it a debate when politicians with their minds made up make one minute speeches? Pardon the satire)

10:10 - Frank Pallone (D-NJ) says the tobacco tax is a "good way" to pay for the expansion. He also says that "most" of the children are in working families. "Most"? Even families making $83,000 are working families -- no one doubts that.
Let's see where $83,000 goes for a family of three in Florida. Call this reality check time.

$5,000 a year for homeowner's insurance check
$3,000 a year for property taxes check
$11,000 a year for a mortgage check
$2,000 a year for Auto insurance check
Water and Electric- 2,500-3,000 check

SS tax runs lets call it 6,000
Federal withholding runs another 20,000.

That's almost 50,000 dollars for a family of three before health insurance even figures in(That's another 6,000) Then we're talking food on the table,

Aren't I rich?

There's more

2,000 for homeowners association dues
2,000-2,500 a year for gas
How about auto maintenance. Oil changes and tire rotations yearly run $250
BTW we're still driving the same one car we've had since Nov. 1999. No car payment. Alot of people have those things, that runs another 3,000 a year and I'm being generous.
House maintenace(A brand new refrigerator and dishwasher plus maintenance agreements ran me 2,000 in the last year)
My internet connection so I can make sarcastic comments and give out Knucklehead awards. $500
Sattellite television so I can keep up with what's going on in the world. And watch my Florida Panthers win the Stanley Cup next Spring. $1,800 a year

Now that's satire!(I do get NHL Center Ice)

Maintaining two computers, especially when FPL fries one of them on a every other year basis via power surges.

Major hospitalizations for the three of us here every year going back to 2002. Cancer, Pregnancy bedrest, pulmonary embolism. Even with insurance, co-pays, prescriptions, hospital bills have to be 3,000 a year at least.

Total all that up that's over 70,000. Then there's food, clothing, other taxes, etc. Anyone have an idea how much it costs to keep two Filipinas dressed and happy? Don't ask!

Aren't I rich?

No I'm not. That's the reality.

Another reality- The veto of S-Chip is a losing issue for Republicans. If you think otherwise, you're ostriches with your heads firmly planted in the ground. People with kids who could use help, and even those without need, will see how the GOP voted and vote their wallets.

Reality checks will be coming due soon to Republican Congress members near you. Call that Satire if you want, but remember all the people including Captain Ed who thought John Murtha could be beat in 2006. See where Ed and I stood on that and who was right.

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