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Thursday, October 18, 2007

If we got room for 32.....

From Digital Chosunilbo-

The U.S. will soon admit more than 30 North Korean defectors from a Thai refugee camp. Radio Free Asia quoted aid workers helping North Korean refugees in Thailand as saying Washington has completed identity checks on 24 of them and collected fingerprints of eight others. On Oct. 12, the Bangkok office of the International Organisation for Migration began the finger printing, which will end this week.

It remains to be seen whether the 32 North Korean defectors will leave for the U.S. in one group or several. According to the aid workers, no other North Korean defectors are seeking asylum in the U.S., discouraged by the long wait of more than one year.
This is great news for the refugees and I approve of the decision to allow these men and women to immigrate to the US. It is the humanitarian thing to do.

Now tell me why this immigration travesty is allowed to continue. If this country can allow 32 refugees in, we have room for the 85 or so widows whose only crime was their husbands died before their immigration paperwork was done.

Hat tip- ROK Drop
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