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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Free Jason Allen

The Miami Dolphins released a defensive back yesterday.

DAVIE - The Dolphins released veteran safety Donovin Darius and placed backup defensive tackle Chase Page on injured reserve with a shoulder injury.

Darius, who was signed Sept. 11 to fill in for injured safety Yeremiah Bell, had 13 tackles in three games, including two starts while being hampered by a calf injury.

He started against Cleveland on Sunday and recorded three tackles in the first quarter, but didn't play the final three quarters because of flu-like symptoms. He was replaced by Cameron Worrell.

Darius, 32, is a former first-round draft choice who spent nine seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he started all 115 games he played. He started his first game for the Dolphins against the Raiders and led the team with nine tackles.
When Miami signed Donovin Darius, he looked like damaged goods. His departure hardly comes as a surprise.

Now since we're talking Miami Losers Dolphins defensive backs, why is this guy still on the roster?

After six weeks of injury issues, Dolphins coach Cam Cameron is no longer interested in using such setbacks as excuses for the problems plaguing Miami's secondary.

''We aren't buying that,'' Cameron said. ``You find a way. No matter who we ask to step up and play, they have to find a way to play.''

Interestingly enough, however, Miami still apparently has not seen enough from safety Jason Allen to step up during those games. When safeties Donovin Darius (flu-like symptoms) and Cameron Worrell (shoulder) were both injured at one point, Allen still remained on the sideline.

Instead, Courtney Bryan -- an undrafted rookie free agent from New Mexico State -- was inserted into the game temporarily until Worrell returned. Asked why Allen (who was moved back to safety this week) wasn't used, Cameron had little to say.

''Right now, that's where we are with the depth chart,'' he said.

On the team's official depth chart, Bryan is the last option listed. Allen is listed behind Darius, but he has yet to show he is capable of making an impact at the position. But the Dolphins are struggling regardless who is in the game.
Note this article was written before Darius was cut.

It is past time for Miami to admit that Jason Allen was a gross blunder. The extremes the team goes to avoid playing their 2006 1st round pick tells me and any astute football observor that Allen can't play in the NFL. If he can't be put on the field, Jason Allen shouldn't be on the Dolphins roster. His overblown salary isn't a good excuse.

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