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Thursday, October 11, 2007

More on Andrea Eichhorn

Alert- Most recent post on Andrea Eichhorn can be found here.

My site meter has been going nuts since I made the Casselberry police woman yesterday's Knucklehead of the Day award. From the Orlando Sentinel-

CASSELBERRY - The city reported today that it has placed on leave a police sergeant(Sgt. Andrea Eichhorn) who sued a family with a baby who suffered severe brain damage from a near drowning because the officer slipped and fell in a puddle of water at the house.


The police department would not explain why she was removed from duty. In a prepared statement, the department said it did so after a controversy over the suit caused it to review the incident.


A check of the court file at noon indicated the status of the suit had not changed.

City Manager Barbara Lipscomb, in a prepared statement, said she wanted to encourage Casselberry residents to continue to call 911 when there is an emergency.

People in Casselberry must be fearing lawsuits if they dial 911. What a way to run a city! I make a bet phones are ringing off the hook in City offices.

I have a simple message for Casselberry Chief of Police John Pavlis.

First start an investigation into whether Andrea Eichhorn's injury claim is authentic. Its funny that's she is suing for an accident the Officer walked away from.

Fire the witch. She is a disgrace to the uniform she wears.

Anyone have a differing a opinion?

Update- Channel 6 in Orlando is reporting the suit has been dropped.

A police sergeant on Thursday dropped her lawsuit against a family that claimed she slipped and fell at their home during a 911 call, and she was placed on leave by the Casselberry Police Department.


Eichhorn's attorney, David Heil, sent a fax to Local 6 News that stated Eichhorn said it was in the best interest of herself and her family, friends and the Casselberry Police Department to dismiss the lawsuit.
First Eichhorn is a victim disfigured for life, now its in her best interest to drop the suit. What a turnaround.

Bottomline- The witch should still be fired.

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