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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Knuckleheads of the Day award

Today's winner is Casselberry(Florida) police Sgt. Andrea Eichhorn and her attorney David Heil. They get the award for the following.

CASSELBERRY - In January, 1-year-old Joey Cosmillo wandered into the backyard and fell into the family pool. When his mother hauled him out, he wasn't breathing. Rescuers were able to bring him back to life, but he suffered severe brain damage and cannot walk, talk or even swallow.

Now, his family faces another burden: One of the rescuers, Casselberry police Sgt. Andrea Eichhorn, is suing, alleging the family left a puddle of water on the floor that afternoon, causing her to slip and fall.


Eichhorn last week sued Richard Cosmillo; his wife, Maggie Cosmillo; and the boy's mother, Angela Cosmillo, accusing them of negligence. They were careless, according to the suit, and allowed the home they shared to become unsafe.

As a consequence, Eichhorn broke her knee, something that kept her off the job for two months, according to police Chief John Pavlis.
Yes Eichorn got injured but read the following.

The baby's mother was the only one home Jan. 9, when the boy slipped out of the house and wound up in the pool, according to a police report.

She plunged in and dragged him out, carrying him inside, down a hallway and into a bedroom. She also called 911.

Eichhorn arrived a few minutes later. As she stepped into the room where rescuers were working on the boy, she slipped and went down on one knee, then stood back up, according to Richard Cosmillo.

Later that day, she went to an emergency care center and eventually to an orthopedist, according to her attorney, David Heil.

While she was on medical leave, Pavlis said, the city's insurer paid her medical bills and provided disability checks.

Later that day, she went to an emergency care center and eventually to an orthopedist, according to her attorney, David Heil.
The Sgt continued working accident, so you have to wonder how bad the injury was in the first place. Any chance of the injury being fake? A broken knee you think wouldn't leave someone able to walk. That's unless the injury is minor, then why is this woman suing for a MINOR Injury. Oh look at the person Eichorn hired.

Eichhorn, a 12-year department veteran, would not discuss the suit. Her attorney said those benefits, paid by the city's workers' compensation carrier, were not enough. The suit seeks an unspecified amount of money.

Eichhorn, he said, is a victim. Her knee aches, and she will likely develop arthritis.

If the Cosmillos had made their pool baby-proof, police would not have been called to the scene, there would have been no water on the floor, and Eichhorn would not have hurt herself, he said.

"It's a situation where the Cosmillos have caused these problems, brought them on themselves, then tried to play the victim," he said.


"Sgt. Eichhorn is a good officer," Pavlis said Tuesday.

He urged her not to file the lawsuit, he said, but there was nothing he could do.
Do you see what I just saw? The scumbag attorney for this police is blaming the family for what happened to their child. That's disgusting first of all, I'm sure the family is kicking themselves for failing the boy and I can relate from my experience with my son. The family is the victim, not the policewoman and her attorney in this story. Ms Eichhorn's knee getting arthritis and her temporary injuries doesn't compare to what happened to Joey Cosmillo. Second of all, this woman who is paid to serve and protect and is fully aware of the dangers inherent with the work, Eichhorn knows there are risks with her work. People should be warned today- Don't call 911 or ask a cop for help with your car(Like I did in 2004 and almost got arrested for waving down a police officer. As the jackass said, I could have been a rapist or something. Sheesh!)you may up being arrested or sued.

Eichhorn note has been on the force for 12 years. I'm sure she has a large pile of sick and personal days piled up. How about her using those? Or did she? The article says the sgt. missed two months. Workmen's comp kicks in after two weeks if I remember correctly.

Casselberry(Florida) police Sgt. Andrea Eichhhorn and her attorney David Heil are today's Knuckleheads of the Day.

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