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Thursday, October 11, 2007

It is worse than we first thought

The latest Trent Green news-

DAVIE — Quarterback Trent Green is "very encouraged" by the results of tests performed on him four days after his second severe concussion in 13 months, leaving the 37-year-old quarterback hopeful he'll return to the field, coach Cam Cameron said.

Cameron said Green was evaluated in Kansas City twice on Wednesday to determine the impact of the concussion he suffered on Sunday during the first quarter of a 22-19 loss at Houston.

Cameron said he spoke with Green Wednesday afternoon shortly before the 37-year-old headed to a second round of tests.

The first-year head coach said Green sounded "really upbeat" and left the impression he looked forward to returning to the field.

"That's what makes those guys who they are and what they are," Cameron said. "They're competitors. They think a little differently than the rest of us sometimes. They can't imagine not playing and want to be up playing as quickly as possible."
No question in my mind that Green is in need of urgent medical care. Trent really wants to come back and play more football after suffering two severe concussions in a little over a year just so he can lead a team to a 4-12 or worse season?

Please say a prayer for Trent Green's full recovery. He is certainly in need of them.

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