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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Andrea Eichhorn fired

The wicked bitch of Casselberry Florida got what she deserved. From the Orlando Sentinel-

Two months ago, after hundreds of people from across the country voiced their outrage, Casselberry police Sgt. Andrea Eichhorn dropped her lawsuit against the family of tiny, brain-damaged Joey Cosmillo.

It wasn't enough to save her job.

On Tuesday, the Casselberry Police Department fired her.

Her suit, filed Oct. 1 and abandoned Oct. 12, brought public ridicule to the agency, according to a memo from police Chief John Pavlis. It damaged the city's image and made people question whether they, too, might get sued by officers responding to 911 calls.

Eichhorn got what she deserved, said Richard Cosmillo, the boy's grandfather and guardian.
Eichhorn got what she deserved. Let me remind you, that the lawsuit wasn't the only questionable activity this woman was involved with. This from the Orlando Sentinel's comments section via an earlier blog post of mine.

I have worked with, and known Andrea for a number of years. I can no longer remain silent.Andrea may've "wrestled" a box of razor blades from someone, but what Casselberry P.D. isn't telling the press is how during an attempt to take subdue another person, she handcuffed an officer who was assisting her. This was on another call, but it actually happened. That's not all. Casselberry is slow to release her public record, because it's also full of negative stuff as well. Several years back, she was investigated for fraud and forgery by the F.D.L.E. for forging officers names to collect money on an off duty detail. The detail was a cash payout, and required officer signature for the company's tax records. She was signing other names so she wouldn't have to claim the payout on HER taxes. THIS IS PUBLIC RECORD!!!!!


How about her inter-department sexual liasons? Although never made public, she was known for being sexually involved with people who could further her career. She was caught having sex with an officer on the back of her patrol car which was parked in a lot off of Murphy road. This was never investigated, and was swept under the rug. While having an alleged affiar with the a Deputy Chief, she was promoted to Sgt. Was she the most qualified? Absolutley not, dating the Dept. Chief doeshave it's benefits. She started daing her current husband while he was still married( and had just had a baby ). By the way, she was still married as well. She is not a good officer, nor is she well liked at the department. Most people try to stay away from her.
Ask yourself this....Why was a Sgt, in the Investigation Division( which does NOT answer patrol calls ) at the Cosmillo home? Was she dispatched to the call, even though she's considered secondary to the patrol officers. What I mean, is that for her to be dispatched to that call, ALL roadway patrol officers, ALL traffic officers, and community service officers would have to be unavailable. So, that would mean somewhere between 10 and 20 other people, who would normally answer that call would have to be unavailable. Let's not forget that Paramedics were ALREADY on scene. So, was that the case, OR did she decide to go on her own? Dispatch logs are public record and should be investigated. If she went on her own, there was NO reason for her to be on scene. Following her lawyers logic of if the family had secured the pool area, there would've never been a puddle, if Andrea had not taken it upon herself to go the house, she would not have fallen. I urge anyone who wants to know more about her, to request her record of service from the City of Casselberry. It's ALL public record, and you have the RIGHT to see it. Don't take my word for it, see it for yourself."
As I noted in October, statements in this comment were later proved to be true. It seems Miss Eichhorn and the Casselberry police got a lot more shit going on besides their officers suing the public they are paid to defend.

If she hadn't filed suit, he said Tuesday evening, "she wouldn't have been fired, would she?"

Police spokesman Lt. Dennis Stewart would not comment.

Eichhorn, 36, of Chuluota, a 12-year department veteran, was not available for comment.
Funny but in October Casselberry police Chief John Pavlis was quoted saying- "Sgt. Eichhorn is a good officer,". Why would a good good officer fired if this was Eichhorn's only mistake?

I'm betting Eichhorn's other deeds were behind the firing. Casselberry is trying to cover their ass before the other problems become public knowledge too. Thank God for blogs and newspaper comment sections, eh?

Eichhorn sued because she was afraid she might wind up disabled, the city's insurer might reject her claims or that she would become a burden to her family, she told the department.

She and her attorney, David Heil, had tried for months to get money from the Cosmillos, but the family had ignored her claim, so on Oct. 1 she filed suit in state circuit court in Sanford, accusing the family of negligence.

The Orlando Sentinel published an article Oct. 10, and the outcry was immediate. The police department and city offices were inundated during the next several days with calls and e-mail from people outraged by the suit.

Judi Romboli, executive assistant to Casselberry's city manager, told Mellon that in her 14 years on the job, she had never had to deal with anything like it.

"No, nothing. This was the worst," she said.

Eichhorn was in tears and went home sick the day the article appeared, according to the investigative report. She stayed home the next day.

That same day, Pavlis placed her on a paid leave of absence and called for the internal investigation. Mellon completed it three weeks ago, concluding Eichhorn had violated several department policies, including damaging the department's image and filing suit without giving the police chief advance written notice.

On Nov. 19, Pavlis took away her badge and weapon, telling her he intended to fire her. She asked for a review and got it, but it did no good. On Tuesday, Pavlis fired her.

Eichhorn has 10 days to appeal.
I bet the witch appeals, so stay tuned for more updates. Andrea Eichhorn is a disgrace, and should be hounded by anyone who comes into contact with her. That goes for her scumbag attorney David Heil. Wouldn't it be funny if Eichhorn sued Heil for legal malpractice?

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