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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just say no to martyrdom

I found this news out of Mexico interesting.

Mexico's top Roman Catholic cardinal, who is accused in a U.S. lawsuit of protecting an alleged pedophile priest, said he has received threats and will ask the government additional security.

Norberto Rivera said he feels "always at risk" in an interview broadcast by the Televisa network, after several protesters kicked, pounded and reportedly spat at his car outside Mexico City's cathedral after his weekly Mass.

It was unclear why the protesters attacked the car, and Rivera has not said who is behind death threats against him.

Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard said Tuesday he had instructed his security secretary, Joel Ortega, to help. But Church officials have suggested that Sunday's confrontation may have involved supporters of Ebrard's Democratic Revolution Party, which party officials deny.

"We can't tolerate this kind of chaos at the cathedral," Rivera said, "where today they hit me and tomorrow they shoot at me."
If the Cardinal is protecting or hiding a pedophile priest from law enforcement authorities, he is guilty of a crime(Obstruction of Justice) himself. Who appointed Rivera arbiter or judge?

As to those angry at the Cardinal, they have a right to protest but non-violently. Violence and death threats are inexcusable.

I do find Cardinal Rivera asking for additional security interesting. He is doing God's work, why should he fear violence being committed against him? I mean if he died doing his Priestly duties, Rivera would become a saint in heaven. Did Pope John Paul back down from his stance against communism and for human rights after being nearly assassinated? Somehow it looks to me(and feel free to disagree) that Cardinal Rivera is forgetting some basic teachings of Roman Catholicism.

So stand up and be brave Cardinal Rivera. Unless you've committed some mortal sins you have nothing to fear, right?

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