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Thursday, September 27, 2007

More medical news

I went to the dermatologist today. He removed one mole on my hip for biopsy. It will take a week for me to get the results.

Note- I'll say it again, if you have any history of skin cancer and live in South Florida, the best dermatologist to see is Dr. Harold Rabinowitz. He has an office in Plantation, which I drive 45 miles one way to see him, and another office in Miami-Dade County. His expertise in Skin cancer and care are excellent, and worth making an extra drive to go see.

Today I learned my biopsy results from last week's surgery. Two more nodes tested positive for cancer. That makes three in all. I go to the oncologist next week to discuss treatment options.

If there's good news on the medical front, its that a Chest X-ray, Cat scan of my brain and full bloodwork that I had done, were all clear. I should focus on this good news.


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