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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas will not be playing on Sunday.

DAVIE — Linebacker Zach Thomas' history of concussions doesn't seem to have caught up with him yet.

Thomas, 34, will sit out the Dolphins' road game Sunday against the New York Jets because of a concussion he suffered in the Dolphins' loss to Dallas six days ago.

But medical tests didn't raise red flags for a player who has suffered multiple concussions and once considered retirement because of the problem.

"It's good news," coach Cam Cameron said Friday. "They brought back the MRI, and they didn't see anything on that."
Since when did Dizzy Dean become Miami Dolphins head coach? I sure hope doctors found something in Zach's head.

All joking aside, Cameron said Thomas would be day to day after Sunday's game. Rest up Zach and get well.

As much as Thomas injury isn't good news for the struggling Dolphin defense(Thomas is the team's leading tackler through two games), the concussion also calls into question whether the linebacker should continue playing. Zach had a history of similar injuries earlier in his career.(1999) At age 34 with very rare exceptions, active pro football players have their best years behind him. Zach has become a wealthy man, it may be time for him to enjoy the rest of his life off the football field.

Just one more problem for a Dolphin team that has drafted one Pro Bowl player in Rounds 1 or 2 since 1995. That tells you why the team is so poor at this moment.

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