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Commentary, sarcasm and snide remarks from a Florida resident of over thirty years. Being a glutton for punishment is a requirement for residency here. Who am I? I've been called a moonbat by Michelle Malkin, a Right Wing Nut by Daily Kos, and middle of the road by Florida blog State of Sunshine. Tell me what you think.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Health update

I went back to the surgeon today and had my stitches removed. The good news- I'm healing well. Bad news- My biopsy results aren't in yet. They should be available by the time of my appointment with my local Oncologist next Thursday.

The next step is for me and my doctors to discuss treatment options for my Stage III cancer. I could receive treatment locally, or travel to California. The John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica CA, arguably the best place for melanoma patients in the world, treated me from 1997-2001. Going to California on a twice monthly basis for three months, then monthly for a year is expensive and then there is the hassle of flying post 9/11, but the care is excellent. I got to consider all of this over the next few weeks. Just in case I did make an appointment for California for the 15th of October.

Right now I'm not in much of a mood to blog. I may be back next week after the wife returns to work. Right now much of my life is summed up by the words- One Day at a Time.


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