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Thursday, August 16, 2007

To Catch a Thief

From the Tampa Tribune-

LARGO - A man pushed a thief out of the driver's seat of his stolen truck after she had trouble driving it, Largo police officials say.

The man left his $75,000 constructor's utility truck running and unlocked with $40,000 worth of equipment on board at the Largo Kastlekeep on Ulmerton Road and Rodgers Avenue.

Police say Jeffrey Slaugenhaupt, 42, and Melanie Dallas, 40, saw the running truck while they were riding their bikes and decided to steal it.

Dallas, who police say was driving, was having a hard time driving the truck as she turned onto Ultmerton. The truck's owner ran after his car and shoved her aside, bringing the truck to a stop near the ditch in front of the plaza.

The two bicyclists then jumped out of the truck and ran away. Police say Dallas also threw a bottle with hydrocodone and Xanax pills into the bushes where it was later found.

Dallas and Slaugenhaupt both face charges of grand theft auto.
Want to bet Ms. Dallas didn't know how to drive a stick shift? That or she was so under the influence that the woman was unable to drive. I'm guessing it is the former.

Moral of the story- Only steal vehicles you know how to drive. Better yet, don't steal at all. LOL

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