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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Travelling smartly

Some news from the Philippines-

MANILA (AFP) - The US embassy warned Monday of possible "terrorist" attacks in the Philippine city of Cotabato and nearby areas on the southern island of Mindanao.

A travel advisory warned that "as of mid August there is a continuing terrorist threat in central Mindanao to include Cotabato City."

"The threat could affect such public places as bus terminals and shopping malls. US citizens should exercise extreme caution in central Mindanao," the advisory added.

It urged Americans living in central Mindanao to reassess their personal security, keep a low profile and avoid public gathering places.

Cotabato and nearby areas have been frequently targeted by bombings.

The warning came after the Philippine military launched an offensive against the militant Islamic Abu Sayyaf group on the nearby southern islands of Basilan and Jolo.
Muslim unrest in southern regions of the Philippines has a long history, stretching well past my time in the country during the 80's. Parts of Mindanao plus the Sulu Archipelago are more rooted in Indonesian culture than in the Philippines, where the vast majority of citizens north of Mindanao are Roman Catholic.

Travel advisories have been common for years too. They were issued when I visited and lived there also. My in-laws are mostly in Tacloban Leyte, a major city and island capitol. However my wife has family in rural Leyte(Alangalang. Note the double word, alang) and coastal Samar. My late father-in-law was protective of me and his daughter. When visiting Leyte, Dear wife and I wouldn't travel outside of Tacloban at night-time.

Bottom line- Americans living or visiting abroad, need to practice caution. People with good intentions, aren't safe from danger. Just look what happened to those twenty-three South Koreans in Afghanistan if you want proof of what I say. That's an extreme case, but then there are extreme people in the world.

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