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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mail upgrade

The US Postal Service will soon start helping Mexico improve its delivery of mail.

MEXICO CITY - The Mexican government has signed an agreement with the U.S. Postal Service to improve Mexico's notoriously inefficient mail agency.

Transportation Secretary Luis Tellez said the Mexican Postal Service has been neglected for years, while the USPS is "an example of modernity, efficiency and quality."

Under the agreement signed Tuesday, Mexican staff will visit U.S. facilities to analyze procedures and equipment, and the two also will cooperate to improve cross-border services.

U.S. Chief Postal Inspector Alexander Lazaroff said at the signing event that the agreement will address security concerns in both countries.

Tellez told reporters the government plans to make significant investments in the modernization and automation of the postal service.

"A lot of letters get lost that our citizens send to their families from the U.S., sometimes with money, sometimes with some object of value," he said.
Trust me when I say that lost mail was probably stolen. My wife used to use the mails to send money home to the Philippines, and it would disappear. Including postal money orders.

So USPS wants to improve Mexico's mail efficiency. They can certainly give examples in mail taking a week to go 100 or 200 miles. That happens at least a few times a year in my experiences with postcards from fellow correspondence chess players. The USPS could use some lessons in better efficiency themselves.

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