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Friday, August 17, 2007


The search for the person or person responsible for killing a Broward County Sheriff continues-

POMPANO BEACH Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne on Thursday surrounded himself with more than a dozen religious leaders from different faiths as he called on the praying community to look deeper within its ranks for any information that could help identify Sgt. Chris Reyka's killer.

Tips from the public continue to pour in at a rate of about a hundred a day, but investigators by Thursday afternoon had yet to pinpoint a suspect, Jenne said.


Reyka, 51, of Wellington, was shot dead last Friday in the parking lot of the 24-hour Walgreens at 960 S. Pompano Parkway. He was married and a father of four, a Boy Scout master and leader at his church.
My most recent post on Sgt. Reyka can be read here.

I sincerely those who murded Chris Reyka are soon brought to justice. Hopefully a break will soon come in the case, I just don't understand Ken Jenne's appeal to religious community. How can they be of help? It looks like a photo op to me or an attempt at PR for the troubled Broward County Sheriff. Maybe the stress of having two members of his police force being gunned down in one week is at play here. Your guess is as good as mine.

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