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Friday, August 10, 2007

Officer Down

For the second time in a week, A Broward Sheriff's Office Deputy has been shot in the line of duty.

POMPANO BEACH - A Broward County sheriff's deputy was shot and killed early Friday in Pompano Beach, the second shooting of a Broward deputy this week.

The deputy was identified as Chris Reyka, 51, of Wellington. Early reports said that he had been shot in the head.

The shooting happened near a Walgreen drug store at 960 S. Pompano Parkway as Reyka was checking out suspicious cars in the area at about 1 a.m., said Sheriff's Office spokesman Mike Jachles.

The Sheriff's Office set up a large command post in the area as deputies searched for the killer. Just after the shooting, police concentrated their search along Interstate 95 and in the neighborhood surrounding the scene.

During the morning rush hour, BSO patrol cars were on every entrance ramp along I-95 with lights flashing as they searched for the suspect's car. Helicopters, deputies, police officers and canine patrols were mobilized from Palm Beach County south into Broward.


Authorities were looking for a white, full-sized American-made passenger vehicle with tinted windows and Florida tag F168UJ, Jachles said. The car, which has two unknown occupants, was believed to have been manufactured within the last 10 years and was not new, he said.

Reyka, the father of four children, joined the Pompano Beach police department in 1989 before it merged into the Sheriff's Office 10 years later.
CBS Channel 4 gives a phone number if anyone has information that can help locate the people responsible for Deputy Reyka's shooting. Please call 954-765-4321.

On Monday another BSO sheriff's deputy was shot. His name is Maury Hernandez. Deputy Hernandez is alive but in critical condition. Please pray for both these officers and their families.

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