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Friday, August 17, 2007

Get well Anchoress

Some disturbing news via Ed at Captain's Quarters.

Many CQ readers are, like myself, fans of The Anchoress. Her clear and humble writings on religion always provide a lift for me, usually just when I need it the most. However, right now she needs the lift from all of us. I received a note from her a few minutes ago, telling me she has to go to the emergency room for a serious medical complication that just occurred this morning. I don't want to get more specific than that, but it is quite serious and needs immediate attention.
I've always liked the Anchoress. It was only a few months ago I discovered she lives in the same part of New York I grew up in till 1976. Please pray for her. You can also go here and wish her well.

Update- Don't forget Suzie or myself in your prayers also.

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