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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Small mind world

David Rising at Associated Press must own a very small globe.

They had diverse backgrounds, coming from countries around the globe, but all shared youth and worked in medicine. They also had a common goal, authorities suspect: to bring havoc and death to the heart of Britain.

The eight people held Tuesday in the failed car bombing plot include one doctor from Iraq and two from India. There is a physician from Lebanon and a Jordanian doctor and his medical assistant wife. Another doctor and a medical student are thought to be from the Middle East.
Except in the mind of a very geographically person, would the places in bold be considered around the globe. I've lived in parts of the United States, California, New York and Florida that are most likely as far apart as those of the suspects and that's hardly global.

Either by blood or marriage, I have relatives in Switzerland, The Philippines and the United States. Now that's global. I've travelled to all 50 states and been to the two countries listed above(and more).

I'd suggest some remedial classes in geography and journalism for Mr. Rising. He could certainly use them.

Hat tip- Don Surber
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