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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Where's the dramamine? Part Seventeen

From the Sun-Sentinel-

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Mayor Jim Naugle has never been shy about voicing his beliefs.

He's called some environmentalists "wackos" and said people complaining about high home prices were lazy, beer drinking "schlocks."

Now the mayor has shifted his attention to a robotic toilet, saying the invention could have a special edge over a traditional restroom in preventing the "homosexual activity" that he said plagues other public restrooms.

The robo-john the city might buy for $250,000 or more allows occupants to stay inside for only a short time before the door opens. Probably not enough time for "illegal sex," Naugle figures.

"We're trying to provide a family environment where people can take their children who need to use the bathroom," he said, "without having to worry about a couple of men in there engaged in a sex act."
Do people act weirdly or engage in sex in public bathrooms in South Florida? Yes, but is it a problem? The police in Ft. Lauderdale have an answer for the Mayor.

Police officials said male sex in restrooms is actually not a problem, anymore.

"There's no evidence, no reports or arrests made for any men having sex in any restrooms," said Sgt. Frank Sousa.
It seems Naugle is out of touch with his city's police. Then what do you expect from a former Knucklehead award winner.

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