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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Less is not better

The 2008 Presidential election is 16 months away and TFM is barely interested at this point.(That attitude will change around November when we're a year away from the election.) All the campaigning and posturing at present I feel is going to have little impact on the outcome next year. Other than to maybe winnow down the field of candidates, which I don't feel is a plus.

Like this news

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos Reports: Though often regarded as a longshot candidate for president, Republican Ron Paul tells ABC News that he has an impressive $2.4 million in cash on hand after raising an equal amount during the second quarter, putting him ahead of one-time Republican frontrunner John McCain, who reported this week he has only $2 million in the bank.

In an exclusive interview taped Friday and airing Sunday on "This Week," Paul said his campaign is on a better trajectory than McCain's.

"I think some of the candidates are on the down-slope, and we're on the up-slope," said Paul.

Paul's cash on hand puts him in third place in the Republican field in that important metric, although he is well behind leader Rudy Giuliani, who has $18 million in the bank, and Mitt Romney, with $12 million.

Paul, who polls show with support in the low single digits, said his surprisingly strong fundraising is the best measure of his support.
R0n Paul is a nut. His having more money than McCain only proves that the Senator's campaign is in deep trouble at present. I don't consider that good news, even if I'm at best lukewarm about McCain. Remember the experience this blogger's wife had when they met the Senator?

The bad news is that if McCain doesn't make it to the primaries, there will be one less alternative for Republican voters. No matter what you think of McCain's politics, that isn't good news.

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