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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yes I noticed- At least five years ago if not longer

From the National Review-

You may have noticed, on forms or posters, the “T” added to “LGB” (lesbian, gay, bisexual). “T” means transgendered: men in women’s bodies, or vice versa, before or after corrective operations. “T” is often followed by “Q,” questioning: still not sure. The interest in the mutability of gender is in part a reaction to the organ obsessions of popular culture that run from Hugh Hefner through Robert Mapplethorpe and The Vagina Monologues. Sexual identity is a reservoir of roles and functions, so much deeper than body parts. “Virtue” and “virtu” come from the Latin vir, man; the ladies, meanwhile, can claim Mother Nature; Shakespeare is full of cross-dressing heroines; one could go on and on. How sad then that the current vogue for gender bending should draw, not on the accumulated insights of poetry, but on interest-group lingo, academic theory, and doctors interested in marketing medical procedures.
I first saw the term GLBT sometime either early in this decade or the late nineties. That the ediotrs of the National Review just had an epiphany moment in their discovering this, shows me it isn't just the left MSM that needs a reality check sometimes. I don't consider anything gender bending about people who feel their body doesn't match how they feel inside. Transvestites and Transsexualism are two totally different things.

By the way I have a category at TFM for GLBT issues. TFM isn't trying to market anything either. Just present a forum for my views.

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