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Friday, June 15, 2007

Don't rush

The latest drought news-

With June on pace for above-normal rainfall, South Florida Water Management District officials on Thursday said that before the end of the month, they could move Broward and Palm Beach counties from once-a-week yard watering to twice a week.

"We don't want to keep people in [restrictions] any longer than we need to," said Terrie Bates, assistant deputy executive director of water resources.

Still, this year's drought has persuaded the district to consider imposing less stringent but year-round restrictions, an idea the board agreed to fast-track on Thursday. If approved, those restrictions would limit watering to three times a week, during the morning and evening hours, drought or no drought.

The year-round idea could go before the board as soon as July 12, with the new rules starting in September.

As of Wednesday, an average of 4.46 inches of rain fell this month throughout the district, which stretches from Orlando to the Keys. That was 1.25 inches above normal.
This proposed change comes only a short time after Lake Okeechobee being reported at its lowest recorded level ever. Does 1.25 inches above normal rainfall for one month prove sufficient cause to ease water restrictions? I'd be more cautious. What do you think?

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