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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lauren Jones

A controversial new Reality show.

NEW YORK -- An upcoming Fox reality series about a model-turned-TV journalist is causing a stir in the East Texas city where "Anchorwoman" is being produced.

Model Lauren Jones arrived last week in Tyler, Texas, for a 30-day stint at KYTX-TV, a CBS affiliate, that will include co-anchoring the 5 p.m. newscast today. Jones, who was cast for the show by Fox 21 and the G Group, has been undergoing behind-the-scenes preparation as a reporter and anchor, her every move taped by a 40-member crew. "Anchorwoman" will run on Fox beginning in late August.

Jones is a swimsuit model and actress whose credits include WWE's "SmackDown!" and "The Guiding Light." She has no journalism experience; the show will be about whether Jones can hack it in TV news. She arrived in Tyler a week ago and has been put through what a station official calls intensive training in how to read a /aTelePrompTer and report stories on her own.
Anyone who has a problem with Ms. Jones needs a reality check. Since when has television news been anything but entertainment, murder and mayhem and the weather?

I do have a bone to pick with my favorite blogger, James Joyner who writes-

Does citing Katie Couric help her case or hurt it? On the one hand, Jones has a roughly similar skill set.
James, James, James, when was the last time anyone said Katie Couric had skill sets like those. I would advise a eye checkup at your earliest convenience.

Maybe I should say Lauren Jones nude pics just to get google hits now. Oops I just did that.

Bullwinkle chimes in also.
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