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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stacy Ritter meet the Golden Glades interchange

There is a proposal being floated to make part of I-95 in South Florida express lanes costing up to $6 each.

The northbound express lanes would run from I-395 to just south of Interstate 595.

A row of plastic poles will separate the express lanes from the general traffic lanes. Drivers will be able to enter and exit the express lanes at I-595, between Hallandale Beach Boulevard and Ives Dairy Road, the Golden Glades, and between Northwest 119th and Northwest 103rd streets and I-395.

The proposal has gotten a mixed reception from local officials.

Sunrise Commissioner Roger Wishner said drivers in the express lanes would have to swerve across four lanes get to an exit ramp.

"This system is flawed considerably," said Wishner, a member of Broward's Metropolitan Planning Organization, a group that prioritizes road and transit projects. "Those little cones aren't going to stop someone from dodging in and out of there."

But County Commissioner Stacy Ritter applauded the idea as an "intriguing, innovative way of moving people" across county lines.

Commissioner Ritter shows her total ignorance of driving on I-95. For in Northern Miami-Dade County there's a thing called the Golden Glades interchange. Part of the GG consists of a flyover HOV lane. Just before that lane starts, there WERE poles to separate the HOV traffic from other vehicles. Commissioner Ritter should take a look at how well those poles worked before shooting her mouth off on a subject she obviously knows nothing about. I live 60 miles to the north of the GG but know those poles were useless as would any others put in other parts of the highway. Stacy Ritter should resign her office because she is an ignorant moron who doesn't know anything about the roads in Florida. If she got her head out of her behind for five minutes and drove I-95, Ritter would know.

Alex at SOTP also has some excellent thought on this dumb I-95 proposal.
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