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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Knucklehead of the Day award Part Three

Our third winner today is Sui Huang. He gets the award for the following.

KENT - Shi Huang is... well, was... a straight A student.

Until, he says, the pressure got to him.

Struggling in an AP biology class at Kent Roosevelt High School earlier this year and claiming the teacher did nothing to help him, Huang and a friend uncovered the teacher's computer password, giving him access to upcoming test questions.

They were caught.

Huang, 17, a senior and Chinese national here on a student visa, received an ``F'' for the course. He was suspended for five days. And the school district is pursuing criminal charges against him and his friend -- charges that could affect his ability to stay in the country if he's found guilty.

Now -- in a twist -- Huang and his parents are suing the school district, arguing that the teacher entrapped him and that school officials fumbled the disciplinary process. Huang's father and mother, Housan and Nianyuan -- who were both teachers in China -- say what their son did was wrong and he deserved to be punished, but the district has overreacted by labeling him as a security threat.

``I admit that it was the wrong decision but we feel the school has blown this way out of proportion,'' said Shi Huang, who goes by the nickname ``Carl.'' ``My only intention was to study for the test and get a better grade on the test. They viewed it as somehow I got into their (computer) system and they see me as a big threat... All I wanted to do was study for the test.''
I'll give this student an A for creativity. Blaming the school district that employs the teach whose computer who hacked into and then suing them over it has to to be a sign of genius or well something else. It is worthy of an award, and I so bestow Sui Huang with just that. He is today's Knucklehead of the Day. Hang that up in place of a diploma!

Hat tip- Joanne Jacobs
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