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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sunscreen worthless against melanoma?


The latest skin-cancer prevention advice is to stop trusting sunscreen as the front line of defense against harmful rays.

Instead, wear sunblocking clothing or stay out of the sun altogether, experts say.

Sunscreen has been shown to protect against UV skin damage as well as basal carcinomas and squamous cell carcinoma — two of the three most common skin cancers. However, it has not been conclusively shown to protect against melanoma, the most fatal kind, said Stephan Lautenschlager of the Outpatient Clinic of Dermatology at Triemli Hospital in Switzerland.

Lautenschlager and his colleagues carried out a comprehensive review on sun protection strategies worldwide, recently detailed online in the journal Lancet.

"Wearing sun-protective clothing and a hat and reducing sun exposure to a minimum should be preferred to sunscreens," Lautenschlager said. People tend to sunbathe for social reasons, he said. "Nevertheless, sunscreens should not be abused in an attempt to increase time in the sun to a maximum."
I hate to say it, but a sunscreen won't stop a person from melanoma if they spend too much time in the sun. Trust me, I've had four of those skin lesions and I'm alive. Too many others I've known from the melanoma mailing list- Diana Ashby, Laura Knutson and others are gone. God bless them and all the melanoma warriors. You don't want to ever get these disease or see a family member with it either.

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