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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

S stands for stupid

The guy who placed the phone call would get a Knucklehead award if I only had a name. If police know about the debt, don't they then know who placed the call or can they not prove it?

Hat tip- GI in Korea
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CAMP RED CLOUD, South Korea — A Pakistani man in custody for overstaying his visa did not plan a terrorist attack against Camp Casey, U.S. and South Korean officials confirmed Monday.

The man — identified only as “S” — was arrested May 9 after someone called an FBI hot line a day earlier to say the man was a member of a terrorist group and intended to attack the base.

The FBI relayed the information to South Korean police and intelligence agencies as well as U.S. military intelligence officials. Officials say they determined he was not a threat.

“They confirmed to us that there was not a credible threat to U.S. installations, and that was corroborated by our intelligence people,” said Lt. Col. Anthony Allen, U.S. Forces Korea deputy chief of force protection.

“S” said he believes a Pakistani co-worker whom he owes 300,000 won (about $325) called in the fake tip, police said.

“S” has overstayed his visa by more than two years, police said. He is being confined at the South Korean Immigration Office in Uijeongbu.

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