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Monday, May 14, 2007

Politics over medicine

From AP-

GENEVA - The World Health Organization rejected Taiwan's bid for membership on Monday after Chinese officials accused the island of trying to strengthen its claim to sovereignty.

The World Health Assembly, by a vote of by 148-17, approved a recommendation by the assembly's General Committee to strike discussion of full WHO membership for Taiwan off the agenda of this week's annual meeting of the global health body.

After the vote, Taiwan's health minister Hou Sheng-mou said the island would seek full membership again next year.

Taiwan previously tried unsuccessfully for 10 years to gain observer status within WHO, against the wishes of China, which regards the island as part of its territory.

At present, all official communication between WHO and the self-ruled island must be addressed to China, and Taiwan argues that its efforts to deal with medical emergencies — and participate in the global health monitoring system — are hampered.
Maybe I'm being naive, but does anyone else see it troubling that the WHO won't include Taiwan as a member when the same organization ranks WHO member North Korea as having one of the worst healthcare systems in the world. The DPRK's health system being called a disaster by the WHO. The WHO has a very misplaced sense of priorities, what do you think?

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