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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Swearing to God

Some news from Port Richey Florida. Any suggestions as to what these teens' penance should be? One complete Stations of the Cross for every beed on the rosary?

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Palm Sunday service was interrupted by a booming voice, but it definitely wasn't God.

Father Gregory Andrews started Sunday's Mass outside St. James the Apostle Catholic Church. After finishing the Blessing of the Palms, the congregation headed inside.

As parishioners sang hymns, a voice cut in through the church's sound system, saying "Yo, Homey," followed by several expletives.

Organ player S. Joseph Elliffe tried to keep playing during the outburst.

"This was an interruption of a very solemn part of the Mass," Elliffe said.

A group of teens hanging out at a gazebo near the church had found the live microphone used during the first part of the service, according to a Pasco County sheriff's report.

A group of men from the church went outside and chased the boys before deputies arrived.

A report from the sheriff's office lists two suspects, ages 16 and 17, and two 17-year-old witnesses.

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