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Monday, April 16, 2007

Sometimes I hate blogging

Because when searching for something to write about, I come across tragic stories like this one.

Ten-month-old twins drowned in the bathtub of their suburban Lake Worth home today.

The boy and girl, Stanley and Sterline Saint-Chagrin, were taken to Wellington Regional Medical Center, where both died.

The mother of the twins, Nadia Chevenfant, 34, was giving them a bath at about 2:30 p..m., along with her 22-month-old daughter, Jelissa Noel, when she left the batthroom to get more towels, she told investigators.

She was gone 10 minutes, she said. When she came back, she saw they were unconscious and screamed, authorities said.

The mother told investigators the bathtub was empty when she left the room, but when she returned, she said there was water in the tub. When investigators arrived, the tub was empty.

Monica Ritchie, 44, a certified nurse's aid who lives across the street from the twins' home at 5500 Huddle Hill Road, was alerted to the drowning by their 12-year-old brother.

She ran into the home and performed CPR as a dispatcher talked her through it.

"I didn't see any response," Ritchie said. "They didn't move. I was trying to save them."

She said she performed CPR as the children lay side by side in a puddle of water in the hallway outside the bathroom. A friend of the mother's also helped perform CPR on the children.

The twins' mother and others in the home spoke only Creole, so the 12-year-old son gave the phone to Ritchie, who gave a fire-rescue dispatcher directions as she took CPR instructions.

The mother, who neighbors say was frantic throughout the ordeal, also was taken to Wellington Regional.

The babies were pronounced dead shortly after 4 p.m. The older child was unharmed.
It is stories like this that remind me of my son Daniel. Four years have passed and the pain I feel for my son still is there. It alway will, and it will be the same for Ms. Chevenfant. The guilt she if feeling must be incredible right now. Please pray for her.

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