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Monday, April 16, 2007

Traffic Jam

Some news from Hungary. I'm sure the locals were hopping mad at what happened.

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BUDAPEST, Hungary - Five thousand rabbits blocked a highway Monday, tying up traffic after the truck that was carrying them collided with another vehicle and overturned.

Neither driver was hurt, but some 500 rabbits were killed, authorities said.

The M1 highway — the main road between the capitals of Hungary and Austria — was closed for hours while authorities gathered up the animals, Highway Patrol Spokeswoman Viktoria Galik said.

By midday, 4,400 bunnies had been rounded up, but 100 were still roaming the fields surrounding the highway.

"Those 100 are free to go. We will not collect them," Galik said.

The ending wasn't so happy for the ones that were recaptured. They were expected to complete the trip to a slaughterhouse, authorities said.

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