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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Au contraire

Once again a member of the MSM proves themselves clueless when it comes to blogging. The latest example being Leo Gomes at the Wall Street Journal. In a column titled 'Political Candidates Have Invaded the Web And Tamed the Blogs' he wrote-

There are also blogs, though of a singular sort. When blogging began, it had a rebel vibe to it. Bloggers were supposed to be free thinkers deep in an organization who would tell the straight story about things, the story the public-relations department didn't want you to know. But it didn't take long for blogs to be co-opted. These days, much of the discussion about blogging, at least in the tech blogosphere, involves how companies can best use them for public relations.

Naturally, it's this new, sanitized blogging that has been adopted by the presidential campaigns. Typical blog posts involve the enthusiasm of the crowds at the latest rally or the need for supporters to get out and volunteer.

Politician and Tech blogs are boring and mundane so the blogosphere has been tamed. What a joke.

TFM is hardly tame. I've given out over 700 Knucklehead awards to everyone from President Bush to a man filming another man having sex with a horse. I may be crazy but tame doesn't describe me.

I don't know what's tame at all about Daily Kos, the biggest liberal blog there is. Is Michelle Malkin, arguably the giant of conservative bloggers, tame? Oh gimme a break Mr. Gomes. Try researching the blogosphere before writing about it or you come off like another absolutely clueless member of the MSM.

If I didn't have bigger fish to fry, I'd give Leo Gomes a Knucklehead award. He certainly is deserving of one. He is a complete idiot as far as the blogosphere goes. Do I sound tame saying that?

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