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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mad Dog

From the Sun-Sentinel-

Hollywood -- A father of three shot and killed his neighbor's pit bull after the dog bit his 15-year-old son and cornered the teen and his younger brother in a bedroom of their home, police said.

Greg Hernandez said he received a frantic phone call Monday night from his son, Dakota Liles, who was screaming that the neighbor's dog, Bruno, was after him. Liles and his brother, Dominic Hernandez, had taken their dog, Diamond, to their backyard, which they share with Bruno's owner, and the 80-pound pit bull ran at the boys, the boys' father said.

The pit bull bit Dakota Liles' leg and wouldn't let go, the teen said. He and his 13-year-old brother ran into their home, in the 2400 block of Thomas Street, and Liles pushed Bruno aside just as Diamond jumped on top of the attacking pit bull, Liles said.

The brothers ran to a back bedroom and shut the door. Their older brother, Dalon Liles, who had been in the kitchen, fled outside and watched the dog almost busting through the door.

"I saw the dog ramming its head and biting the door knob," Liles said. "He wanted to kill them. There was no stopping at all. It was just rage at the door."

That's when their father said he arrived with a neighbor's gun and shot the dog four times. The dog came toward him while he was shooting and then ran out the door, collapsing a quarter-mile away, he said.
Mr. Liles did what I would have done if my family was in danger. If anyone gets cited by the police, it should be the dog's owner. Then you never know what will happen in the screwed up justice system of Broward County.

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