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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Easter Thursday Knucklehead Festival Part Three

Our third winner is talk show host Don Imus. He gets the award for the following.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- MSNBC has canceled its "Imus in the Morning" simulcast, the network announced Wednesday.

The decision comes after remarks deemed racist and sexist that radio talk-show host Don Imus made last week about the Rutgers University women's basketball team prompted a number of advertisers to drop the program. MSNBC will stop airing the program immediately.

MSNBC announced on Monday a two-week suspension of its simulcast of Imus' show after Imus referred to the Rutgers players as "nappy-headed hos." But as part of an "ongoing review process," which included input from its own employees, NBC Universal decided stronger action was necessary, the company said in a statement. (Gallery: Other controversial comments aired on Imus show)

"What matters to us most is that the men and women of NBC Universal have confidence in the values we have set for this company," the statement said. "This is the only decision that makes that possible."

NBC Universal apologized to the Rutgers team and MSNBC viewers in its statement.
Imus can say what he wants, but his comments were rude and insulting and now the talk show host is paying the price for them.

What I don't get is the people defending Imus' comments. Yes TFM believes in free speech, and Imus can say whatever he wishes. Including rude insults, it just makes no difference whether others do it or not. Imus was an idiot and so are the others. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Note- TFM has never cared for Imus, but that isn't bearing on my giving him a Knucklehead award. I've given plenty of these awards to people or companies I've liked or done business with. Click here and here for examples.

I haven't blogged earlier about this because I was sick of the blog and MSM coverage of this tempest in a teapot story. CNN, MSNBC and Fox News were all discussing it around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. Rather than listen to the babble again, I turned off the television.

Talk Show host Don Imus is our third Knucklehead winner of the Day.

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