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Thursday, April 12, 2007

On leave

The latest news about Knucklehead Broward County Circuit Judge Lawrence Korda.

Broward Judge Lawrence Korda, cited last month for smoking marijuana in a Hollywood park, will take a leave of absence from the circuit bench beginning Wednesday.

Korda announced the voluntary leave Tuesday morning during a meeting with Dale Ross, the county's chief judge.

Korda did not immediately return The Miami Herald's calls for comment, but Ross said he has been in constant contact with the veteran judge since the March 18 citation.

''I think a little break is appropriate,'' Ross said. ``I think this will allow issues to sort themselves out.''

Ross added that Korda, who recently ruled his court had no jurisdiction in the paternity action concerning Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter, is currently ''in private counseling'' but would not say whether he is undergoing drug treatment.
Korda's leave doesn't surprise me. He's an embarassment to the bench, but we're talking about Broward County where embarassing judges are par for the course. If Korda had any respect for the position he holds, the judge would retire. Whether you think marijuana should be legalized or not, the simple fact is that a lawbreaker shouldn't ever be in a position where they decide the law. Anyone besides me see the same problem with Korda if he is allowed to continue being a judge?

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