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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dress code

Walmart has a new employee policy.

After dressing its store workers in iconic blue vests for decades, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is about prep out its people in khaki pants and blue polo shirts.

"It always amazes me how our customers rarely miss anything we change in our store," said Rob Goding, the discount giant's Pinellas County market manager. "I know the uniforms will generate lots of questions."

Employees each get a pair of polos free and $15 to buy their own pants. If it's any help, Wal-Mart sells khaki pants for less than $10 a pair.

Lest anybody see Wal-Mart's fashion statement as blending in with the rest of the mass merchant crowd at Best Buy, Burger King and Target, the company invited reporters over Wednesday to point out some new, less obvious differences filtering into Tampa Bay stores.
The Blue and Khaki dress code is similar to Target where the colors are Red and Khaki. TFM doesn't see this as anything more than cosmetic changes at the #1 retailer. No matter what clothing they wear, finding a Wal-Mart sales employee when you need one is never an easy proposition.

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