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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Brave diplomats?

From Fox News-

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korean diplomats and officials stationed overseas have refused a recent government order to send their children home, a news report said Tuesday, marking an unprecedented backlash against the communist leadership.

About 4,000 children were supposed to return home by the end of last month, South Korea 's Yonhap news agency reported, citing an unnamed person well-versed in North Korean affairs. The North has delayed the deadline by a month.

Each official was allowed to keep one child at their overseas post, the report said.

North Korean diplomats are opposed to the order mainly because of educational reasons, said Yonhap.

Pyongyang's move could result in defections by North Korean diplomats and officials, said Yonhap, adding that the refusals mark unimaginable acts of disobedience in the tightly controlled country.
The reason for the government order was probably to discourage defections by DPRK diplomats. These officials are being very brave by not submitting to the will of Pyongyang.

Richardson at DPRK Studies has another theory-

Assuming the first report was true – which may or may not be the case – there is at least one alternate, plausible explanation for an extension of the deadline for children to return to North Korea; a lack of transportation funds. Some estimates say that 3,000 children (4,000 in the article below) from five years old and above have to be returned, meaning that some if not most will require escorts, which could also mean return transportation costs. If the average cost of returning the children alone was US$1,000 each, the total would be $3 million. There is a good chance that the funds required were simply not available on such short notice.
A government that can't afford three million dollars must be seriously bankrupt or have its counterfeit money printing presses out of order.

One Free Korea says-

The key word here is “defiance.” I’m obviously guessing based on limited information here, but I think that it’s “acceptable,” even in North Korean society, to obsequiously try to bribe your way out of complying with the rules, but not acceptable to openly challenge or refuse to obey an order, especially one that’s drawn the attention of foreigners. Foot-dragging and bribes would not indicate a breakdown in control so much as a gradual fraying of it. Open defiance by those at the ruling class’s core would be another matter entirely, especially for the sake of keeping their kids out of North Korea. I think this one is worth keeping an eye on.
As interesting as this news is and speculation around it, I don't see Kim Jong-Il being any closer to falling from power. We can only hope it isn't too far in the future.

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