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Thursday, March 15, 2007

A school for Masochists

Maybe I should start one since the NYT is now allowing educators and students with .edu addresses to view Times Select stories.

NEW YORK The New York Times is opening up access permanently to TimesSelect to all students and faculty who have .edu e-mail addresses beginning on March 13.

“It's part of our journalistic mission to get people talking on campuses,” says Vivian Schiller, senior vice president and general manager at “We wanted to open that up so that college students and professors can have a dialogue.”


Schiller says the company has “no regrets” putting 22 columnists at the Times and its sister newspaper The International Herald Tribune, archives and other material behind a pay wall.

As of January 2007, TimesSelect has 627,000 subscribers, 36% of which are online-only. In 2006, TimesSelect brought in $9.9 million in subscription revenue.

Those students who are current subscribers will receive pro-rated funds for their paid subscriptions. Schiller explains that students and faculty will have to register for the service but that it’s self-regulatory.
TFM paid for Times Select for over a year before deciding to get the newspaper on a daily basis. Now I feel cheated.(Sarcastic laughter time)

So starting my own school looks like the next option. Anyone have a whip and some handcuffs I can borrow?

Hat tip- Poliblog by the way of Professor Bainbridge.
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