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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not amused

The latest news in Lennar's lawsuit against Mike Morgan.

STUART — Disputes over depositions and paperwork in a national home builder's lawsuit against a Stuart real estate agent got both sides some harsh reproof from the judge assigned to the case, who on Wednesday said that he's seen triple homicide cases progress with fewer complications.

After nearly an entire afternoon of back and forth between attorneys for the Miami-based Lennar Homes and Mike Morgan, who Lennar officials sued on defamation allegations in June, the parties still had not come to an agreement on issues such as which day Morgan would be deposed or when Lennar's lawyers could view and copy paperwork.

Circuit Judge Larry Schack had enough.

"We've been at this for just under two hours. It's very frustrating," Schack said. "I feel like I'm trying to nail Jell-O to the wall."

Schack, who presided over the triple murder trial of "Salerno Strangler" Eugene McWatters, brought up the case in Wednesday hearings, saying it had nowhere near the amount of legal wrangling over evidence.

"I don't think we had a single discovery issue in that case," Schack said, later adding that he was "amazed by the depth of discovery problems in this case."

Lennar attorneys in court records claim that Morgan's Web site,, infringes on Lennar's trademarked name. Morgan, who began fighting against Lennar after he said they failed to disclose important details about a townhome project on Kanner Highway, started the site to field complaints from dissatisfied customers.
Nothing has changed about Lennar's absurd defamation lawsuit. The company is still a Knucklehead, that is using a lawsuit to stifle criticism against the corporation. As I wrote last year.

1- Has Lennar homes ever heard of the 1st ammendment?
2- How much damage can a website do in four days of operation? I mean their filing for over a million dollars on Friday of last week when the website only began Monday.

TFM gets 200+ visitors a day. Back I first started here, that number was 1/10th of that. What is this purchase a link business? Web domains are purchased, links I have never heard of being sold. Web advertisments is something else.

What this lawsuit does sound like is intimidation. Similiar to this knucklehead winner who sued a blogger. What these people fear isn't a little bad publicity, one blogger or real estate agent is just one person's word, its they want to muzzle anyone who they don't like.
Lennar is obviously out of control. This is a 1st ammendment case, and this idiot corporation is bringing itself more publicity to this man by following through on a lawsuit than would have happened if they just ignored him.

As my blog says, the world is full of nuts. Some of them are corporations.

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