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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Can we ever win?

From Miami Channel 10-

The recent steady pounding from strong surf and high winds has caused significant erosion of South Florida beaches.

It was just a year ago that a beach renourishment project was completed, but now erosion has taken the beach back nearly to the treeline, leaving some wondering if it was worth the expense.

Last year's renourishment project covered six miles from Hallandale Beach to Dania Beach and cost $45 million.

Officials say there was no way to have predicted the damage done by Hurricane Wilma. Last year's project started before hurricane season and took nine months. More damage was done in the past week.

So much of one beach in Hollywood is gone that lifeguards had to move their stands back on the beach to reach solid ground. There was more erosion on Monday following several days of high winds and waves. Crews worked to push some of the sand back, but it appeared to be a losing battle.
High winds and surf plus hurricanes are part of life in Florida. They will never be eliminated and therefore we will constantly be facing beach erosion. Beaches are vital to the Florida tourism business and taxpayer money will always need to be spent to maintain our beaches. Rick at SOTP thinks there has to be a longterm solution to beach erosion. I'm skeptical about any such plan being devised to stop the course of mother nature. There are just some things that can't be done by man.

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