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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A doubly bad day

For gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis. He lost twice yesterday.

While Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Davis lost to Republican Charlie Crist in his bid for the governorship, another Jim Davis lost as well. The lesser-known Jim Davis was a candidate for a state House seat in Polk County.

But rather than wallow in his apparently unlucky name, Davis the House candidate said he probably did much better than he otherwise would have because of the attention he got from sharing a name with his party's gubernatorial candidate.

House candidate Davis got 40 percent of the vote in losing to Republican Seth McKeel -- not bad considering Davis has never run for office.

"I think the name association was actually a help," Davis said.
Only if voters didn't know of or care about the other Davis' absenteeism in Congress. I make a bet this Davis would have out improved on that dismal record. We'll just never find out.

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