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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Work still needing to be done

From today's Sun-Sentinel

Mark Foley has resigned and his nameplate is removed from his congressional district office, but constituents still can conduct business and ask for assistance from office staff.

The district now has no voting representation, but Congress is in recess. Foley, the former U.S. representative from the 16th Congressional District, resigned Friday in the midst of a national scandal involving sexually explicit online communications with underage congressional pages.

His offices in Washington, Palm Beach Gardens and Port St. Lucie remain open for constituents. Until a new representative is elected, the office won't advocate position of public policy but constituents who wish to express opinions on specific issues can contact their Senators or wait until the November election, according to House Office of the Clerk.

"They can still contact that office and they should then be assisted by the staff," said Salley Collins, press secretary for the Committee on House Administration. "The only thing that doesn't happen when a member resigns is that they don't have the power to vote."

Constituents who require help with matters relating to federal government agencies may contact the nearest district office. The clerk's office will be contacting anyone with a pending case to inquire whether he or she still needs assistance, according to the Office of the Clerk.

Under House rules, the district offices remain in operation under the supervision of the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

Mark Foley is out of office, but there are still approximately 640,000(By the 2000 census) constituents who need representing. Congress is in recess, but there are matters a Congressional office can help people with.

Like immigration petitions. In 1989 I got married and I had to file the adult relative petition so my Philippine born Dear Wife could immigrate to the US. This petition was mailed to the INS' processing center in Dallas Texas.

Shortly after I did this, I contacted my congressman's office. At the time I was represented by Democrat Harry Johnston. I was then referred to a Darcy Robinson who worked at the local Boynton Beach office. She was my contact as Congressman Johnston's office kept tabs on my wife's paperwork in Dallas. Darcy was of invaluable help and when my wife did make it to the US, we stopped by the Boynton Beach office on Dear wife's first full day in the US so to say thank you.

I'm sure there are other matters and agencies constituents could use the assistance of a Congressional office. Foley may be out of office but life continues on for the people living in the Florida 16th.

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