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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The latest Mark Foley news.

WEST PALM BEACH -- Disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley said through his lawyer Tuesday that he was sexually abused by a clergyman as a teenager, but accepts full responsibility for sending salacious computer messages to teenage male pages

Attorney David Roth said Foley was molested between ages 13 and 15 by a clergyman. He declined to identify the clergyman or the church, but Foley is
Roman Catholic.

He also acknowledged for the first time that the former congressman is gay, saying the disclosure was part of his client's "recovery.''

If Foley wants to truly 'recover', name the priest. For if the man is alive, other boys are out there at the risk of being molested. If the priest is dead, the truth is told. To do otherwise, Foley will not have completed his recovery.

At the age this occured, it would have been a Diocese of Miami not Palm Beach priest. The later diocese wasn't formed till 1982 or so. The Foleys moved to Florida when Mark was three and they lived in Palm Beach County.

To be honest, I think this abuse allegation is a crock. Foley through his attorney is trying to gain sympathy. If someone really studies it, the bluff that is being put up is seen through in one minute.

Bob at The Daily Pulp holds a differing opinion. Also blogging on this- James Joyner at OTB and Captain's Quarters.

Full disclosure- My wife has been a Diocese of Palm Beach employee since 1993. Through her work she met the congressman's parents who were active parishoners at the church my wife works at and where we attend mass and are also parishoners.

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