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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

People should know better

From today's Sun-Sentinel-

A Plantation man was bitten by his venomous pet cobra Monday afternoon but was in stable condition at Plantation General Medical Center.

The man, whose name Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue and hospital officials said they could not release, is 31 and has a license from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to own the exotic cobra, said Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue Capt. Ernie Jillson.

He described the snake as a Black Pakistani cobra, also known as an Indian cobra.

"All we know is he is a private keeper and was working with the snake," Jillson said. "In this area, the only people who are going to have it are students, researchers and keepers."

Black Pakistani cobras often are entirely black, except for their underside, or they could be dotted with white spots. They can grow to about 6 feet long and are common in central Asia, where they are hunted for their skin and meat but also are revered by some religions.

Note- The Sun-Sentinel didn't name the man bitten. I checked the Miami Herald who also covered the story. No name was given there either. For a change, the Sentinel isn't playing name games.

The man had a license but it is beyond me why anyone should want to or have one of these dangerous creatures. Cobras aren't pets, and their very presence is dangerous to both the owner and others.

Only by the grace of God and a source of anti-venim being nearby is this man alive. Maybe I should have given the The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission today's knucklehead award. If I hear of them giving a similar license, they will get one.

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