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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Robin Gilley Timmons. She gets the award for the following.

CHARLOTTE COUNTY -- The operator of a Charlotte Harbor day care was out picking up fast food when a 2-year-old girl plummeted from the third-floor apartment and suffered internal injuries, according to court records released Monday.

Robin Gilley Timmons, 44, left at least four children in the care of her adult daughter, who was not registered as a day-care substitute, records state. Crystal Timmons had not undergone a background screening or adequate training.

Robin Timmons, of the 22000 block of Priscilla Avenue in Port Charlotte, was arrested Friday and charged with felony child neglect.

"The near life-ending event of Madison Hoffius falling from the apartment window was the direct result of the actions and inactions of the accused and her daughter C. Timmons," the court records state.

On April 14, Madison fell through an open window with a damaged screen at the Luther Road apartment, court records state. The impact of the fall lacerated her spleen and left a large bump on her head.

Since the incident, the Department of Children and Families has terminated the legal registration of Robin Timmons' day care, said DCF spokeswoman Coral Conner.

Timmons was negligent by not keeping the windows closed and locked, a sheriff's detective wrote in a request for an arrest warrant.
Luckily the girl survived and will be alright. The article went on to say how Timmons lied on DCF documents in order to get her license. Shame on DCF for not checking but shame on Robin Timmons for running a improper day care. Young life is too precious to be put at risk by people willing to take shortcuts.

Robin Gilley Timmons is today's Knucklehead of the day.

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