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Friday, October 27, 2006

Still dumb

Via Kim at Wizbang, I learned John Hawkins at Right Wing News has a list of House and Senate races to follow.

Connecticut: Ned Lamont
Maryland: Ben Cardin
Maryland: Ben Cardin
Missouri: Claire McCaskill
Missouri: Claire McCaskill
Debbie Stabenow
Montana: Jon Tester
Ohio: Sherrod Brown
Pennsylvania: Bob Casey
Tennessee: Harold Ford
Tennessee: Harold
New Jersey: Bob Menendez
Virginia: James Webb


(AZ-5): Harry Mitchell
(AZ-08): Gabrielle Giffords
(CO-07): Ed
(CT-04): Diane Farrell
(CT-05): Chris Murphy
(FL-16): Tim
(GA-03): Jim Marshall
(GA-12): John Barrow
(IA-01): Bruce
(IL-06): Tammy Duckworth
(IL-17): Phil Hare
(IN-08): Brad
(IN-09): Baron Hill
(NC-13): Brad Miller
(NH-02): Paul
(NM-01): Patricia Madrid
(NY-20): Kirsten Gillibrand
Michael Arcuri
(NY-29): Eric Massa
(OH-15): Mary Jo Kilroy
Zack Space
(PA-07): Joe Sestak
(PA-10): Chris Carney
Patrick Murphy
(PA-12): John Murtha
(VA-02): Phil Kellam
Darcy Burner
(WI-08): Steve Kagen

You'll notice the obvious typo of listing Senate races twice. I'm not going to dwell on that. However.......

Where is the Florida 22nd?
Where is the Florida 13th?

Both those races are close if you read my links above.

On the other hand, the Diana Irey challenge of John Murtha looks more than ever like the fantasy I said it was two months ago. According to a poll in this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, Murtha leads 57-30. That says to me that Diana Irey is toast.

On the other hand the Florida 13th and Florida 22nd candidates are seperated by 5-8 pts.

TFM isn't a big blogger, or the most articulate person in the world, but I'm far smarter than the fools and knuckleheads who continue to support Irey while at the same time forgetting the Florida 13th and 22nd. It may well end in the GOP losing control of house after November 7th. John Hawkins continues to earn the Knucklehead award I gave him.

Update- Florida blogger State of Sunshine has two excellent posts up on the upcoming election. Here is his evaluation of the House races, plus one for the Senate races. Both posts are well worth reading and I feel SOS is right about the GOP's chances on November.

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