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Friday, October 27, 2006

Just say no

From the Miami Herald-

Faced with near-unanimous condemnation and rebuke from Republicans, Democrats and even his political ally Gov. Jeb Bush, state Rep. Ralph Arza is clinging tenaciously to the power of office that he was given before he exposed himself as a political thug and racist bully.

Even so, it is Rep. Arza -- and not the outraged Republicans and Democrats who are doing all they can to unseat their colleague -- who holds the key to his own fate. Voters who are casting ballots early and those who go to the polls on Nov. 7 will have a chance to express their displeasure with Mr. Arza -- and they should do so by declining to vote in this race, unless a qualified (as yet unidentified) candidate is placed on the ballot.

Declining to vote in this race will send a message of disapproval of Mr. Arza's behavior.

In truth, unless Rep. Arza withdraws from the race, he likely will be reelected. Yet a ballot victory would be a purely egotistic exercise. Mr. Arza would be powerless to influence or pass any legislation because he has alienated friend and foe alike. Meanwhile, he will face a concerted effort to boot him out of the Legislature.

Prior to these developments, we recommended Mr. Arza for reelection as he was among the handful of South Florida lawmakers who drew only superficial opposition from write-in candidates. We now emphatically withdraw that recommendation. And we strongly urge voters to reject Mr. Arza's reelection bid by not casting a vote for state representative in House District 102.
Arza won a knucklehead award from me this week.

What the Herald did is highly unusual I agree with it. Arza should resign from office, his actions are disgraceful. However I wouldn't totally discount him as a legislator. Alliances are made every year to either pass or stymie legislation. Sometimes these have led to pairings of very strange bedfellows, Like Orin Hatch and Ted Kennedy. The Florida legislature is no different.

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