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Monday, October 09, 2006

St, Francis and Tenten

Yesterday was the day for the blessing of animals.

From the 13th century come the stories of St. Francis of Assisi's love for animals. When he encountered a rabbit in a trap, he set it free and urged it to be more careful. The rabbit jumped on his lap and wouldn't leave. When he saw a flock of birds, he preached to them as they listened respectfully.

And when a wolf terrorized the Italian town of Gubbio, he went to the wolf and urged it in the name of Christ to stop hurting people. As he extended his hand to the wolf, the wolf raised its paw to his hand, then followed him around the town, made peace with the people and lived its life there.

On Sunday, on a lawn next to the Humane Society of Broward County on Griffin Road, Father Joseph of the Order of St. Francis extended the tradition in a ceremony called the Blessing of the Animals.

"It's a part of who we are as Franciscans," said Father Joseph, of the Community of Sts. Francis and Clare of Fort Lauderdale. "It's just a wonderful way of expressing God's love."

A few dozen people gathered on the lawn with bulldogs and poodles and cocker spaniels and collies, the occasional cat and one rabbit, to receive a blessing, and the more earthly reward of a Tiny T Bonz biscuit.
Our Catholic Church had a similar ceremony last year. Dear wife and I brought our two cats, Tenten and Eponine. There were probably 20-30 parishoners there with their pets.

Before the blessing, the priest said something about silence, or quietly praying. All of a sudden nad like on cue, Tenten let go this big meow. Just like he had to get the last word in.

Tomorrow is Tenten's birthday. October 10, Tenten or Ten-ten. Get it? Actually we don't know when his birthday is, but tomorrow is the day dear wife and I chose. Tenten is getting old, we've had him for 10 years this December. That great big lovable lap cat(Tenten has never met a woman or Polish priest's lap he didn't like) has become like family. He won't be around much longer and when he dies, Tenten will be missed.

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