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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The end for a doctor

Some news from the Palm Beach Post-

TAMPA — Dr. Mark Schreiber, a Boynton Beach plastic surgeon who has been in and out of trouble with the law involving his care of patients for almost a decade, will never again practice medicine in Florida.

The state Board of Medicine on Friday accepted Schreiber's Sept. 19 offer to voluntarily give up his license so he can avert other administrative penalties. He is one of seven doctors who voluntarily gave up their Florida medical licenses last month.

The board has suspended Schreiber's license three times since 1999, most recently in August. That was the result of an accusation that he had performed liposuction and lip enhancement last year during a month when his license was suspended for inappropriately touching a patient.

Schreiber was awaiting the board's action on a 2002 patient death in which he performed a neck lift and hernia repair on 73-year-old retired Boynton Beach developer Ralph DiGiovanni, who had a history of multiple medical problems.

The man had a fatal heart attack two days after the surgery in Schreiber's office.

Schreiber was first suspended in 1999, a year after another one of his patients died following surgery. That patient, 51-year-old Daniel Parish of Lantana, died after Schreiber did a nine-hour operation in his office including liposuction, penis enlargement and a neck lift.

In the past month, more than 30 of Schreiber's patients wrote to the Board of Medicine on his behalf. The board also heard from several patients who said he had botched their surgeries, leaving them disfigured and in pain.
I'm a former patient of Dr. Schreiber. He was the surgeon who did reexcisions on the four Malignant melanomas diagnosed on my body in 1993-94. The last time I saw Dr. Schreiber was in 1995.

An earlier post of mine had more comments plus a Post article that detailed the many complaints against the doctor. While my experience with Dr. Schreiber was good, its hard to dismiss the many complaints.

I thank Dr Schreiber for his treatment of me and wish him well.

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