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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gone fishing

Some shots were fired at the DMZ that seperates the two Koreas.

SEOUL, South Korea - Tensions mounted over North Korea's threat to test its first atomic bomb, with shots ringing out Saturday along the border with
South Korea and Japan warning of harsh sanctions if Pyongyang goes nuclear.

With a possible test expected as early as Sunday, the
U.N. Security Council issued a stern statement Friday urging the country to abandon its nuclear ambitions and warning of unspecified consequences if the isolated, communist regime doesn't comply.

Jittery nations have warned a test would unravel regional security and possibly trigger an arms race.

A midday incursion Saturday by North Korean troops into the southern side of the no-man's-land separating North and South Korea only stoked the unease.

South Korean soldiers rattled off 40 warning shots at the five communist troops who crossed the center line of the Demilitarized Zone, the inter-Korean buffer.
Captain Ed blogged about this news. He pondered whether Kim Jong-Il is readying to restart the Korean War.

GI in Korea points out another possibility.

It was unclear whether the North Korean advance was intended as a provocation, or was an attempt to go fishing at a nearby stream, an official at South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said on condition of anonymity, citing official policy. No one was hurt, and the North Koreans retreated.
GI also notes that border incursions happen all the time but North Korean troops usually fire the first shots.

So is it World War Three or trout fishing? TFM gives it to you fair and balanced. Now you decide.
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